About Guild Capital

Guild is a venture capital firm dedicated to the search of innovation, wherever it may be. Guild ventures further by seeking out compelling opportunities across disparate geographies and diverse industries, and by taking an extremely active approach to ensuring the success of its investments.

“Venture Further” is our motto:

  • To invest in geographies based on availability of talent versus density of deals
  • To find value in sectors where venture capital doesn’t typically look
  • To creatively structure deals where others are unable
  • To become the trusted partner of management in pursuing and mentoring talent
  • And most importantly, to go above and beyond in terms of creating value for our investors

What we look for

Since starting the fund in 2009, we have been excited by investments in areas where others are not yet looking. We prefer to invest in:

  • contrarian industry choices
  • business models that fall outside VC pattern recognition, and
  • geographies under-served by tech investing (which generally means outside Silicon Valley)

While we have developed early and deep expertise in several emerging business models, such as subscription commerce or media-supported live events, and will look to take advantage of that experience in future investments, we are not restricted to specific models or verticals.

How we invest

We have an active approach of close partnership with the businesses and founders we believe in. We therefore tend to lead rounds, and have a bias towards a more sizeable stake in those investments, to ensure our time is spent effectively. We believe firmly in finding the best talent to augment existing teams, and will spend a large portion of our time focusing on building quality teams and organizations. 

For early stage investments in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York, Guild offers incubation services over the first 90-120 days post-closing.  These services include:

  • co-located office space with our investment team
  • daily meetings covering all aspects of the business, including strategic positioning, branding, customer acquisition, data analytics, and operations
  • establishing automated reporting to enable data oriented decision making on a daily basis 
  • access to our accounting team and legal counsel

Additionally, both during and after incubation, Guild, working with our portfolio business Argyle Search Partners, helps our businesses to search for and recruit top talent, a key challenge particularly for start-ups outside of the Valley.

Finally, through active board participation, Guild introduces valuable partners to our portfolio, facilitating advice, strengthening boards, establishing partnerships and preparing for acquisitions or further fundraising.

For growth stage investments where incubation is unnecessary or impractical, Guild looks to establish a close working relationship with management teams. We focus on:

  • ongoing support in talent acquisition in partnership with Argyle Search Partners,
  • supporting major strategic initiatives and
  • facilitating introductions to our network.

Contact Guild Capital

444 N Michigan Ave
Suite 650
Chicago, IL 60611

New York
900 Broadway
Suite 504
New York, NY 10003

6th floor, A3 , E-Space IT Park, Near Inorbit Mall, Nagar Road, Pune-411014

C/O Of10, Prudential Ground Floor, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

For inquiries, please contact Kavita, the Manager of Chairman’s Office, at kavita@guildcap.com