The Guild
Investment Blueprint



We love working with founders who have a strong thesis on why, how and what to achieve. We value their clear vision, willingness to keep learning, and ability to build a high-performance culture.



We respect recurring revenues and high margins. We look for business models that can rapidly scale in a capital-efficient manner. Our business models benefit from elite talent pools across the world.



We believe in businesses bringing industry-contrarian solutions to large addressable markets. In general, we prefer markets that are not ‘winner-takes-all.’



We are excited by businesses that have demonstrated early revenue. For companies yet to generate revenue, we look for other indicators of positive momentum, such as usage and customer satisfaction.

The Guild Playbook

Guild has developed a unique, proven-value playbook focused on:

  • Onboarding elite talent
  • Building a data-driven culture
  • Leveraging intuitive design to accelerate customer acquisition
  • Building financial and reporting capabilities for hyper-growth

The Guild Platform

Guild has built a platform to support early-stage startups on implementing the playbook1:


Our team of executive search specialists provides founders with access to high-performing talent from the top management consulting, investment banking and private equity firms


Our team of expert practitioners uses data science and process expertise to help founders build a data-driven culture


Our team of designers, developers and marketing experts provides founders with branding, marketing, and website development services


Our team of business analysts and chartered accountants provide founders with bookkeeping, reporting, business intelligence and financial modelling services

1 We understand that early-stage companies may need support on implementing our playbook. As such we have built up a set of capabilities available to founders. Services are provided based on at-arm’s length commercial agreements. While founders have full discretion on whether to work with our platform companies, virtually all founders choose to leverage these services.